Take That Down, You...Fan

Found this interchange on a blog that closed on Christmas day. A prog rock fan blog. I don't know the band in question but think this exchange is of broader interest. Some of us may feel the need to police our copyrights from time to time and it makes sense if it's, say, someone using our art or music for commercial purposes. If a fan blog is offering an entire album of ours that's for sale elsewhere, any cease and desist letters should at least be polite, because going after fan blogs is basically moronic. These people like you--who else does? I know this sounds naive when bottom feeders, whoops, I mean corporate rights organizations, whoops, sorry, defenders of lowly musicians, are suing innocent people for hundreds of thousands of dollars just for downloading, but someone needs to start setting a better example.

Dear reader,
[As] you can see, lot of posts were deleted.
I received today this mail:

"We ask you to remove the downloadable files of [band's album] from the [blog] or measures will be taken against you.
We will check again in one week.

[righteous complainer]
for [band]"

My immediate answer:

"Dont need to be rude, threatening me.
Only ask me and I remove your album with no problems.
Despite of your sad message, I love the [band's] work.

In this exact moment your album already was removed.

[signed by threatened blogger]"

After this, tons of my posts were deleted.

Ok, Mr. [righteous complainer], your album will not be shared here nevermore, because I'm closing my blog.
But ..... certainly you will find your [band's] album in tons of other blogs, Forums and other uncounted P2P softwares. How can you imagine to fight against this? I'm only a grain of sand in the internet. But I wish you good luck in your insane journey.
I already had removed your album from my blog. You didn't need to do it.
Poor Mr. [righteous complainer].