Tom Hanks Can't Deal With This 9/11 Thing

His movie Charlie Wilson's War omits that the mujahadeen Wilson armed to fight the Soviets eventually came after the US with a spate of attacks culminating in the World Trade Center collapse. The movie is banned in Afghanistan. Yet most American movie reviewers thought it was wonderful.

Chalmers Johnson:

My own view is that if Charlie Wilson's War is a comedy, it's the kind that goes over well with a roomful of louts in a college fraternity house. Simply put, it is imperialist propaganda and the tragedy is that four-and-a-half years after we invaded Iraq and destroyed it, such dangerously misleading nonsense is still being offered to a gullible public. The most accurate review so far is James Rocchi's summing-up for Cinematical: "Charlie Wilson's War isn't just bad history; it feels even more malign, like a conscious attempt to induce amnesia."