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copied and pasted:

contest where one participant guides another's line drawing through several circles "blind" using only verbal instructions
browser within browser loads pages by various artists
video from POV of Internet shopper looking for imagined docile, traditional, pre-feminist, but Web-savvy mate, 2000
open browser windows hover like clouds in landscape photos
3-D wall drawing of satellite connects electrical socket to water cooler
webcam-like view of people milling about church interior--someone with backpack (artist? student?) walks around floor maze
dense spiderweb of black yarn covers piano and recital chairs
still from extreme camera angle video of women reciting details of a kidnapping (or something--the Quicktime is choppy) as if in a seance
artist strips while quoting speeches by critics, collectors, curators, politicians (YouTube)
nude, seminude women stand in formation, ogled by collectors (YouTube)
car sculpture: crystal shape made of glass (supposedly), metal, and bolts rests on axles connecting standard rubber auto tires
sculpture of streetlights bent down from bridge to near surface of river, illuminating water
animated GIF of highway receding to vanishing point
painting of highway receding to vanishing point
photo of man holding assemblage of joined-together foodstuffs in his mouth (apple, cauliflower, etc)
eating a hamburger as video art, 3: artist "destabiliz[es] pre-established codes of perception by sabotaging the very logic of his material"
eating a hamburger as video art, 2: warhol plus four others
eating a hamburger as video art, 1: warhol
exhibition where scrap cars serve as individual performance spaces
life-sized tattoo-like line drawing of erotic-costumed anime kewpie doll on nude body of Japanese woman
drawings of heads with curving or curling directional arrows in place of facial features
polluting rivers for art, 3: green dye in Gran Canal, Venice
polluting rivers for art, 2: "nontoxic" green dye in four cities' rivers (artist has bigger travel budget)
polluting rivers for art, 1: red powder in Lin Xian, Henan Province, China
acrylic painting with 200 Euro note collaged onto Qing Dynasty Brick
people stand on each others' shoulders and pretend to hold up bridges and concrete ceilings (performance photos)
bad lookalikes pose in front of Flavins (YouTube)
hamish fulton-like walks directed by the wind, filmed and plotted by GPS
positions of gallery visitors captured on webcam, mapped with LEDs
red thread suspended in monofilament grid graphs artist pulse compared to Sarajevo temperature
backlit wall-silhouettes of Native Americans
youtube of judy garland vocal science
digital line drawing with wireframe mountains seen through window
photo of photographer photographing black leather catsuited headless woman
multi-beveled panel cut in shape of chinese calligraphic character "double happiness," painted in gold glitter paint with red and black trim
copper & nickel clump made of 10 Swedish crowns (coins) exposed to electrolysis and redistributed through ionization onto 2 copper plates
real-time webcam feed of Washington DC augmented by a virtual overlay of approaching flood
ordinary people pose with photoshopped-in "giant" items--floppy disc, CD
socialist ballad slipped into musical repertoires of over 100 London buskers for a week
glass, aluminum, vacuum gear, computer, high voltage transformer, tantalum grids sculpture