Not Very Recursive Screensaver

Joel Holmberg's Rhizome Commission proposal: Live Streaming Video of Some Dude's Mac Screensaver (thx, cosmic)

This is funny, underdetermined, and an example of XYZ art where X becomes X using no fancy algorithm whatsoever and does not purport to save the world through art. Holmberg says of the nascent work: "Like many of my previous works LSVoSDMS uses the computer environment as a generative system while conflating parody and sincere appreciation."

The Chans Explained

That is, 4chan, 7chan, etc.--collective sites of posts by mostly anonymous users that serve as breeding grounds for animated GIFs and other "meme" art. Vijay Pattisapu has an informative rundown on them in the discussion forum. Some have furrowed their brows wondering how that kind of anarchic creative energy, native to the world wide web, can be translated into capital A art. But they have not furrowed their brows enough for some other people, as can be seen on the same Rhizome thread.