Unmonumental but not Unforgotten

Two reviews of Ross Knight's recent Team Gallery show noted the connection of his work to the ephemeral sculptures in the New Museum's "Unmonumental" survey. He certainly deserved to be in the exhibit but perhaps wouldn't have benefited being crammed into a room with other appropriators.

8 years ago yrs truly wrote an article for Sculpture that compared Knight, Rachel Harrison, and the recently Vvorked Michael Phelan and related their work to Minimalist art since the '60s. Just noticed that Team has a decent pdf of the essay online. [pdf] Of the three only Harrison had any juice with the NewMu curators, but compared to those administrators' sprawling kitchen sink show of kitchen sink artists the Sculpture article "Secondary Structures" is hellishly focused and argued with the passion of a religious recruiter, if I do say so.

One afterthought about the article. I described "institutional critique" as a period style ranging from the '80s to the mid '90s and in my lead said that that generation of artists "revealed" the white cube environment to be "riddled with patriarchal assumptions." The rest of the article lays out more clearly what was meant with that academyspeak, but the lead seems un-nuanced and perhaps should have read "proposed" or "posited" rather than "revealed."