beam weapon idiot (or conservative plant), one of the 9-11 truth organizations, was handing out flyers at the World Trade Center PATH (subway) entrance today. Standing near them but clearly by herself was a young woman holding a crudely hand lettered sign that said "Beam Weapons Destroyed the WTC." I noticed tourists taking her photo. I walked over to her and said "OK, I'm curious. What's your story? Are you with this other group?" She said "No, I'm not, I'm just here by myself." As she was talking, she was slowly backing away from me but keeping her sign very steady. I said, "Why are moving so far away? Don't you want to talk to people about your message?" She said, "I want people to see my sign. Can't I talk to you from here?" (Ten feet away.) "You can hear me, can't you?" I said, "You lost me as a potential convert, sorry."
As I was walking to the subway entrance some guys said to me, "Ahh, don't talk to her," waving dismissively in her direction.