"Vacation Pitch" (audio)

"Vacation Pitch" [mp3 removed]

Video soundtrack (see below). The vocal snippets were taken from an, ahem, really low quality source and the waveforms had to be doctored, EQing them and removing drum hits and other unwanted transients. Mostly it's just vowel sounds. These types of pieces tend to sound like The Art of Noise. Playing vocals on a keyboard was very big in the '80s. Nevertheless it's fun to do and has whetted my appetite to try some more vocal alchemy.

Updated: reposted --this version is the same volume level as the video.

"Vacation Pitch"

Vacation Pitch screenshot

"Vacation Pitch" [.mp4 video removed]

Based on material recycled from a post by jeff at Double Happiness.
All the visuals and vocalese came from there (plus one sound bite)--the music is mine and is the only thing added besides editing and compression artifacts.

Update: One link from a travel spam blog--we're off to a good start.

More Quizzing

TH emailed with a question for a hypothetical "What Kind of Net Artist Are You?" quiz. I've broken it down into two questions and rephrased slightly.

What are your favorite filetypes?

What domains do you mostly inhabit?

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