Ballmer Egged, Zappa, Puppy

1. I do not believe this cute puppy is "yelping for Elmo" [video]. I believe he is practicing avant garde Sprechgesang for an upcoming Stockhausen recital. The videography also "breaks rules," at one point overshooting its subject to light briefly on a resting, much quieter animal.

2. Steve Ballmer egg attack. Some people in Hungary are mad about the government's Microsoft contract. [YouTube] (Read the comments, too.)

3. Frank Zappa debates Novacula (Robert Novak) and other conservatives on Crossfire, 1986. The topic is "dirty rock lyrics" and free speech. [YouTube]. The articulate musician mops the floor with all of them, particularly John Lofton, who at the time was writing for the Moonie-owned Washington Times but scoffs when Zappa says the biggest threat to America is "fascist theocracy." Lofton has since "recovered from" the Republican party (because it is not Christian enough). In 2004 he was writing against Bush's Iraq war and was as appalled by the bullying of Fox TV thug Sean Hannity as the rest of us.

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This is a "cubicle drawing" from 2005, oriented portrait rather than landscape and posted actual size. A printed version of this was shown at And/Or Gallery in Dallas.