A Hand Like a Computer

"When people come in the gallery and look at these drawings they aren't sure what they are looking at. After having them up for a few weeks, one thing I've noticed: people noticeably, palpably relax when I tell them they are made with a computer."

--something a dealer said to me about an artist who made very "handmade" looking work in Illustrator and printed it out on traditional art paper. It really makes me think about the anxiety/hatred/jealousy that "genius" drawing produces. (Else why would anyone need to relax?) "Genius" as in evidencing superhuman control or detail. There is a cult of that in the art world (still) and we need to get over it, perhaps. The most hellishly mechanical work is the art of the insane. Those are not hot young talents looking sexy at openings.

A parallel story: A young musician I know plays piano very well and peers who hear her recordings assume she is using software of some kind.