Chivalry Isn't Dead, Just Annoying

Seen on NYC subway:

Group of three seats near door of R train occupied by woman and sleeping man with an empty seat between them.
Middle-aged dude (MAD) plops himself into the empty seat, ostentatiously apologizing to the woman as his fat butt almost pushes her out of hers.
Next, MAD elbows sleeping man, a much younger person wearing an iPod.
"Get up and give this lady a seat!" he says, pointing to a standing woman nearby.
Sleeping man gets up, rubbing sleep out of his eyes, leaving the seat empty.
MAD reaches into his backpack and pulls out a cane, in two snap-together parts, which he has heretofore not needed and which he does not assemble. This PROP is apparently to show why he can't stand up as he cajoles the standing woman to sit in the now-vacated seat. She nods her thanks but does not sit down. The MAD entreats another woman to sit down. She also demurs.
Finally the first woman sits down.
A good deed done! Yay! And it was no trouble at all.