Democrats Equal Lite Republicans

Chris Bowers' reasons for not feeling like cheering Democratic speeches:

* I have a difficult time wrapping my head around the notion that Obama will be great because he will work with Democrats and Republicans, even though we should all make sure to vote for Democrats.

* I have a difficult time wearing my partisan hat and cheering loudly for speeches that virtually all complain about partisanship being a major problem in Washington, D.C.

* I have a difficult time understanding Democratic criticism of McCain since it is always prefaced with effusive compliments about the service he has done to the country, and how we should all respect him so deeply.

* I have a difficult time cheering when I am told someone will end the war, even though we all know he will leave a large residual force in the country.

* I have a difficult time cheering when I am told we are going to pass universal health care legislation, even though we know that no one is proposing universal health care legislation.

"Hope" and "change" aren't synonymous with the words "Joe Biden." (More like "credit cards" and "war.")