New Yorker Still Supports Iraq Invasion

Apparently, because its "editors" just wrote that

"There is still disagreement about the wisdom of overthrowing Saddam Hussein and his horrific regime..."

Yes, indeed, deep disagreement between normal people... and wingnuts. This blog seconds tristero that the magazine's Obama endorsement sets new standards for leaden prose, e.g.

By contrast, Obama’s transformative message is accompanied by a sense of pragmatic calm. A tropism for unity is an essential part of his character and of his campaign. It is part of what allowed him to overcome a Democratic opponent who entered the race with tremendous advantages. It is what helped him forge a political career relying both on the liberals of Hyde Park and on the political regulars of downtown Chicago. His policy preferences are distinctly liberal, but he is determined to speak to a broad range of Americans who do not necessarily share his every value or opinion.

My high school English teacher would note that every sentence contains a "be" verb.