Manovich jokes belabored

A comment I made on Paddy Johnson's blog about an earlier post here:

All of my considerations of [Lev] Manovich were meant as sardonic jokes. My conception of new media is about 180 degrees from his. The LoVid patchwork is the antithesis of numerical data-–it is made of video “noise” printed out on cloth and hand sewn–-a unique unrepeatable object. The “tree” from CPB’s blog, translated from French, reduces the priorities of the network to images, dogs, and cats. The mouse scribbles were an over-the-top literalization of the concept of “automatic writing.” Your description of Item 4 was what I intended: repeatability of an idea is not necessarily good. And item 5 is a Mac misreading a crisp animated GIF by adding undesired anti-aliasing effects.