Probably How It Will Go Down

Recommended video: "Probably How It Will Go Down" by Ricky on Double Happiness.

cf. Don DeLillo's "airborne toxic event" from White Noise:

Through the stark trees we saw it, the immense toxic cloud, lighted now by eighteen choppers--immense almost beyond comprehension, beyond legend and rumor, a roiling bloated slug-shaped mass. It seemed to be generating its own inner storms. There were cracklings and sputterings, flashes of light, long looping streaks of chemical flame. The car horns blared and moaned. The helicopters throbbed like giant appliances. We sat in the car, in the snowy woods, saying nothing. The great cloud, beyond its turbulent core, was silver-tipped in the spotlights. It moved horribly and sluglike through the night, the choppers seeming to putter ineffectually around its edges. In its tremendous size, its dark and bulky menace, its escorting aircraft, the cloud resembled a national promotion for death, a multimillion dollar campaign backed by radio spots, heavy print and billboards.