Documentation Updates

Have been working on my "main site" or portal page. Added the photo from LA's Distributed Gallery of one my bitmap animations on a TV monitor in a restaurant hallway. Added the "press clips" link from my sidebar--a million thanks to anyone who took the time to write about what I'm doing. Fixed broken links--it's always interesting to see what has changed and what has disappeared. And slightly updated my "artwork archive" page, to include links to work I've been posting on this blog since July '07. That page, and my art archiving in general is scattered and slightly incoherent. It led at least one editor to tell a writer he couldn't review "isolated instances of work." The concept of a cumulative mass or virtual image cloud is not a ready sell.

Have been using the same artists' statement--about failed computing--since I wrote it around '00. Although it continues to locate me in the "artists using computers" camp, as distinguished from new media, it's basically a dodge. It's always easy for an artist to talk about media or process issues as a way of not talking about the psycho/sexual/narrative/interior issues of what's going on in your work. My archive includes work made before I started using the computer almost exclusively, around '97 or so. Whatever themes carried over are probably what the work is really "about." It's hard to condense to a paragraph.