Last of the VVork Twitter

On hiatus again, de-toxing from all the high art seriousness and sense of overwhelming purpose.

copied and pasted:

photo-portrait of blond athlete wearing life jacket and holding gold cup
mirror on wooden base with condensation that runs off into water bottle
blurry thumbnail photos document series "based on photos taken from hotels and apartment buildings in Benidorm, Spain"
contract stating that the work in question (the framed contract) will be stolen by the artist, his heirs, or assignees at some point
slick print-style advertisement for watch ostensibly stolen from Silvio Berlusconi
blurry foreshortened wonder woman video-projected onto gallery floor
inverted basketball hoops connected by partially unraveled, elongated, hourglass shaped net
flavin-like fluorescent light fixtures cascade from gallery wall onto floor
oozing-headed mannikins clothed in form fitting printed fabric that is a collage of spider webs, animal heads, logos, etc
video camera on tripod feeds live image of gallery onto adjacent monitor
gestural marks on blue monochrome carpet
white room sculpture levitates on assortment of chairs (photo)
large conduit pipes angle down hillside and terminate at empty swimming pool (photo)
red paint squeegeed onto photo of Concorde jet
monochrome morphs into found photo causing transitional plasticine highlights (video still)
re-enactment of Jack Goldstein re-enactment of Shane (video still)
link to series of six single records collected from special effects sound libraries
installation with oceanic life jackets on 16 monuments throughout the city of São Paulo
"Lecture on Lecture on Lecture with Actress" - three recursive photos
re-creation of building sign with downscale commercial tenants (barber shop, dollar store, two vietnamese restaurants, pizza place, etc)
ink jettish works on paper pushpinned to wall (installation shot for group show)
red plastic death of marat
cartoon priest demonstrates sign of the cross on plasticized "in case of emergency" card