Notes on Morton Subotnick's "Until Spring" (1976)

A 29 minute piece that Subotnick describes as an audio sculpture, divided into two parts in the vinyl version.
Modular analog synth and 8 track analog tape.
Clean recording--all the elements can be heard and "seen" in the stereo field.
Pre-recorded snippets arranged in time and also across the space of the 8 tracks.
Both dimensions are depicted in drawings on the sleeve--curlicues, arcs, hatch marks, and elongated > and < signs, in a kind of cloud as well as the 8 track "staff." The overall dynamic: alternating slow and fast passages; a thinning and thickening of sound. The elements, or snippets, include: A staccato wap-wap-wap that speeds up to a high purr and pans slowly or rapidly in the stereo field. Slow hums building into a rapidfire sequence of boings (with varied attack/decay envelopes). Some low-pass filtering of these segments. Lawn mowers in the distance and summer sprinklers right next to your ears.