new site to-do list

or "bug" list (not sure which yet)

1. need self-designed "fecal molecule" favicon from previous blog design
2. "without comments" line needs to be hidden in individual post URLs
3. "without comments" line needs to be hidden in search results
4. reduce size of post titles?
5. change color of post titles?
6. delete blue frames around images that are also links, e.g.: this one
7. Separate links to my content from "blogroll," e.g. "my artwork," "tm at Nasty Nets"
8. Rename "blogroll"?
9. "posted by tom moody" instead of "Written by..."? [used "-tom moody" for post signatures]
10. More padding below post titles? (titles and images are almost merging, conceptually, at this point)

(work in process--sorry this is boring)

site upgrade

Many thanks to Edward Potter for helping me navigate the tricky currents and deadly tide pools of a Word Press upgrade. We made what's known in the WP community as the Big Jump (TM), from version 1.5 to 2.8.6. Tweaks will continue to be made and I know many will miss the vaguely military green of the Word Press Classic theme.

If you are on an RSS reader please click on through for a glimpse at the "so new it's old" site.

mild threat

We have some open file directories here at blog central and in the spirit of the '90s web don't mind having a few images circulating around. This isn't a license for some lazy web designer to hotlink an animation for a heavily-trafficked commercial site. Our research team has discovered one such malfeasor and the .gif URL has been changed twice. Do it again, Mr. or Ms. Highly Unoriginal, and your clients will have an amusing surprise the next time that image is loaded. (This appears to be a legit business, not your run of the mill bandwidth scarfer.)