"Metro Blorp"

"Metro Blorp" [mp3 removed]

After the Mac SE stuff I wrote in the '80s the sound production world evolved, in the sense of more channels, processing power, etc., leaving those tunes in an interesting techno-temporal warp. (Thx to Travis for posting one recently--that was the very first one of those I did.) A friend in the Bush I years who had been married to an avant garde musician playing Cage, etc assured me that those Mac pieces were not good. That gives me confidence to keep plugging away in the current home computer state of the art.

recent listening

this isn't even a listicle, just a list

Phoenecia, Brownout
Carl Orff - Schulwerk - Volume One / Musica Poetica (Celestial Harmonies label)
Tomas Jirku & Robin Judge, "Coffee Grind"
Lory D - Sounds Never Seen and misc. single releases
Egg, The Polite Force
Earcon, Funkiller
From Beyond compilation, Interdimensional Transmissions label

"Three Times"

"Three Times" [mp3 removed]

The beats are done with Reaktor "Rhythmaker" - an easy-to-program, all-synthesis drum machine that I find fairly hypnotic. The electro-ish melodies were done with a Reaktor User Library instrument called "3X." A sequence someone else wrote, altered slightly, then a more synthpop sequence I wrote, then both together, in the style of a canon or round.

Update: Made a few little changes for continuity and variety and reposted.