"Lithium Valley"

"Lithium Valley" [3.3 MB .mp3]

This song, and the previously-posted song "Peak Lithium," are not about meds. They are about lithium, an element we need for batteries, so rare that wars must be fought over it, we are told. It is a blues song because this state of affairs is unbelievably sad. It is a lament to lost dreams and the promise of Hopey McChangealot.

This language is vague because I'd like to keep posting self-penned songs and artwork on this blog and not have it suddenly vanish at the whim of said McChangelot and his dudes (for the sake of Hollywood's right to sell you total crap, and lithium). [Google "73,000 wordpress blogs"]

Update: Took out some of the upper piano key frills at the beginning.