selected apparitions

...and recycled twitter posts:

antonelli electr. "automatic music"

thomas brinkmann "ulla"

"He studied painting in high school and has apparently at times considered being an artist" (New York Times review of artist)

peaches and 2% lowfat milk

dr. laura, lenny bruce of the right

"you retreat to your commentless blog and do not dare to face moi"

rupert pupkin and jerry langford together on tour

pee wee's dance

clipse - grindin

And now, interrupting twitter posts to present this painting:


(a collage I made years ago [with scissors and rubber cement!] in a new digitally enhanced setting)

more twitter posts (used as loren ipsum):

facebook is for mom...and Bonesmen

"Several new Christian churches have been welcomed near Ground Zero ... in Hiroshima." (Greg Palast)

no way i'm computing my twifficiency

john brunner's stand on zanzibar (1968) predicted the 2010 world population as 7 billion (it's 6.8 by current estimates)

I live in BosWash and have visited ChiPitts and SanSan

increase in cake competition shows parallels increased upper tier marie antoinettism?

"There are mysterious parts in that book, but the only true mystery is that our very lives are governed by dead people." (argento dialog)

"why is there a Chicken of the Sea but no Tuna of the Farm?" (stoned Pynchon conversation per michiko kakutani)