"Jazz Combo Demo"

"Jazz Combo Demo" [mp3 removed]

Or, as the band Fear sang 30 years ago, "New York is all right if you like saxophones."
Am continuing to explore music writing, off and on, through the vehicle of the "jazz quartet simulacrum." The piano part is the spine; bass, sax and drums drop in and out as needed. One MIDI loop was used--the drum part, playing two different kits and with minor alterations.
I found some old videos of Bill Evans' group playing in the '60s and although this isn't nearly as sensitive, am interested in that model for a more artificial kind of music. Evans has a mathematical mind and works through many tonal variations in real time without hitting "wrong" notes. That's kind of what I like to write (at sub-light speed) in the piano roll, although I like passages where the notes go off the rails occasionally (which doesn't really happen here).