brooklyn openings

Thanks to curators Rod Malin ("Sanity Disobedience for a New Frontier" at Camel Art Space) and Lindsay Howard (" - IRL" at 319 Scholes) for two exhibitions I was proud to be included in (both opened Friday). My perceptions are biased so please go see the shows and let me know what you think; the openings for both were well-attended and fun.

Erik Stinson has some photos up of the dump opening (dumpening?), as well as a video where participants' schmoozing skills (I think) are rated on a 1-10 scale.

Stinson's installation in the show (photo and detail by hypothete) contains this verse:

"tom waits on the internet"

tom waits pulls into
a gas station on
the internet and says
"what kind of bourbon will make
blogs relevant again?"

[sad emoticon]

Hypothete's photos of the show begin here - then page back.