dump.fm partial group portrait


Thanks to whoever took this photo of my installation in the "Dump.fm IRL" show, which opened last night. The grid is from a collection of "eyeflip" photos posted to dump.fm from dumpers' webcams. Had been saving them as jpegs for a while and when I was asked by the curator, Lindsay Howard, to submit something to the show I thought of making a physical artwork out of them. Below is how the piece looked in the studio:


For more detailed views here is the web version of the piece, just assembled this morning. (Some tweaks may be done.) In the photo above, the "key" is:
Top row: ryder, mirrrroring, girlafraid, hypothete, JSLASHER
Row two: xsaidanddone, lobstersoap, FRWLx, stewfoo, noisia
Row three: lucy, zoeee, frederick, mallxgoth, stage
Row four: ary, CHCSD, kellymaxine, mirrrroring, poopdeck

No criteria were considered other than what to save (mostly on the fly, from images appearing on dump.fm over a few weeks' time) and whether the image worked in a group of twenty. [Update: should probably mention for anyone unfamiliar with the software that these flips were done by the webcammers themselves and involved no manipulation by me other than brightening them somewhat for printing.]

More about the exhibition. Thanks to friends for coming to the opening and also "Sanity Disobedience for a New Frontier," which also launched in Brooklyn last night. And many thanks to "Sanity Disobedience" curator Rod Malin for replacing a TV one of my GIFs was showing on, when it broke the day of the opening (ouch). Was great to meet many of the artists in both shows for the first time "irl."