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In addition to "Sanity Disobedience," another exhibition I'm participating in opens this Friday, October 22: a dump.fm show in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY:

Here is the press release:

Curated by Lindsay Howard

dump.fm is an image-based chat room for real-time communication. Founded in November 2009 by Ryder Ripps in collaboration with Scott Ostler (of MIT Exhibit) and Tim Baker (of Delicious), dump.fm serves as a platform for artists who use its technology to foster community and creativity. IRL brings together dump.fm users from all over the world (many of whom will be meeting "In Real Life" for the first time) to offer an alternative to the traditional 1:1 experience by translating the liveness of dump.fm into a visual confectionery through collaborative participation in the physical realm. Look for caves animated by psychedelic GIFs, web-based performances with interactive webcams, architectural renderings of virtual property, and audio-visual recompositions that return images to the social networks and digital systems from which they emerge.


October 22, 7:00pm-1:00am

Participating artists include: Francoise Gamma, Jeanette Hayes, Felix Lee, Tom Moody, Stefan Moore, Scott Ostler, Arran Ridley, Ryder Ripps, Erik Stinson, Duncan Alexander, Michael Francis, Agathe de Trémontels, Sterling Crispin, Justin Strawhand, Tim Baker, Joel Cook, Lucy Chinen, Jude MC, Andrej Ujhazy, Dylan Fisher, Jamie Rockaway and Matt Torti, Chris Shier


October 23 - October 28, public hours: 1:00-8:00pm 

The residency aims to highlight and support the sense of community and group discovery already present on the dump.fm site. The public is welcome to attend from 1:00pm-8:00pm to check out the group exhibition and works in progress, cruise the net and post live with dump.fm users directly to the dump.fm fullscreen. All projects will be documented and presented the following week on dump.fm/irl.

October 30 - October 31, 10:00pm-???

Halloween parties in Mexico City and Brooklyn will be connected through dump.fm.

Visuals by Thunderhorse // Performances by Anamanaguchi, Nullsleep, Gatekeeper, Brenmar, Physical Therapy, Jon Lynn (Unsolved Mysteries), Laurel Halo, Magick Mountain, DJ Brother Ladypantz, Oscouro, Flash Porno

319 SCHOLES is at 319 Scholes Street in Brooklyn, NY (map)
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Update: The name of the exhibition curator, Lindsay Howard, was inadvertently omitted when I posted the press release. My apologies--fixed now.