Sketch of the Balkanized Web

"Dark" sites (private, not searchable by bots) vs public sites

Subscription-only sites vs freely available sites

Related to above: the "logged-in" web vs what you see without a login (first pages, etc)

Facebook vs non-Facebook (one-stop shopping vs free range grazing)

Universally readable websites vs content viewable only on certain types of browser, e.g. "not viewable in Internet Explorer"

"Fast lane" transmission for crappy TV shows vs everybody else (coming soon to a non-neutral environment near you)

Dialup vs broadband (speed determines content)

Mobile web vs deskbound web

Apple web vs non-Apple web*

Scammers/spammers/crooks vs the innocent

*Update: Was asked on twitter "What does this even mean?" Answer: censored apps and onerous licensing on "sexy" hardware vs non-users of that hardware

Update 2: Some Apple users assume Windows users have the same unquestioning brand loyalty as they do. My twitter interlocutor used the phrase "your beloved Windows"--hilarious. This person actually reads my blog. The same person accused me of fanboy trolling as a linkbait strategy--like I need Apple zealots reading me. And played the age card - nasty. That suggested a new Balkan category: "old ppl web" vs "falling into manholes while texting" web. And finally, this person noted logical fallacies in the above writing, prompting a reminder that the post is called "sketch of the balkanized web," not "logical, non-contentious categories for easy assimilation."

terminal nest


recursive bean dip version of image found on cpb.tumblr

dip reference

the story here is: there is a Mac-only screen emulator thingy that makes your user interface look like different old screens. the screenshot of the ascii globe of course advertises for Apple by including the Mac-style window in the screenshot, so I framed the frame in the "windows classic" style I see on my prole computer every day and took a screenshot of that

"MSHouse Nation (FM4 Edit)"

"MSHouse Nation (FM4 Edit)" [mp3 removed -- updated version is on Bandcamp]

Am working on a few variants of "MSHouse Nation." In this one a synthesizer solo fades up at the end and adds some additional counterpoint to the parts already playing. This may eventually replace the previous edit--still trying to decide if the solo is necessary.