it's about labor

Matt Stoller, former Open Left blogger and assistant to the recently (sadly) deposed Rep. Alan Grayson, has been writing for Yves Smith's blog Naked Capitalism. He ties together Egypt and Wisconsin through the connecting thread of organized labor resistance to neoliberal "tough love" scenarios (not the Facebook revolution, sorry).

Beneath the smiley face of the neolibs lurks this scary quote about "liquidation" from Herbert Hoover's Treasury Secretary.

Update: The case against neoliberalism, from an Egyptian writer.

Yes, That Donald Judd


A few months ago was having a conversation about the '60s and someone said "but it was really only Andy Warhol who marketed himself both in the fine art and commercial realms." I said no, many more got bit by the bug, even Donald Judd, who appeared in Harper's Bazaar posing with a woman wearing a "minimalist dress" (his wife at the time, dancer Julie Finch) and famously sold "art furniture." Found the pic in question on the, um, internet: look and weep, all you who might think Judd was a stern mandarin figure aloof from the process of mass media promotion, alone in the studio with only a T-square for company. Here he is, "workin' it." (The green stripe is a scanning error, not art.)

hat tips Bill Schwarz and James Meyer