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Social media compound eye photography: 30+ views of the same modernist sculpture, Richard Lippold's Ad Astra (via dataisnature)

Secret Ninja, by Duncan Alexander: (i) wall with independently scrolling brick layers seen through eyehole or possibly (ii) gas giant planet made of masonry

lugia meets sinusoidal turbulence

some new, e.g., "tennis ball hovers before Christian tableau painting while man squats on the museum floor"

Too Much Concept, which one hopes will be the antidote to all self-conscious conceptual-art-on-the-Net projects that keep us stuck in the eternally recursive moment of Douglas Huebler, John Baldessari, Sol LeWitt, et al. Not sure that more imitations of 1968-1972 are the way out of this loop but there are good ideas on this page. It will be hard for most people to wrap their minds around artists poking fun at artists who think they are poking fun at other artists, not to stand in the way of complexity.

And last, a note to California-based internet artists: No more pictures of the Hollywood sign, please?