Was somewhat alarmed to learn that the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Creative Commons were violating every principle they stand for by being on Facebook. (Note Facebook link on EFF's "eroding Facebook privacy" page.) Fortunately, the Free Software Foundation, which made the above banner, takes a more principled stand:

TIME Magazine praises Mark Zuckerberg for creating a system that has connected people around the world with each other. Unfortunately, the terms under which he claims to have done this set a terrible precedent for our future — for our control over the software we use to interact with each other, for control over our data, and for our privacy. The damage is not limited to Facebook users. Because so many sites — including TIME — use Facebook's user-tracking "Like" button, Zuckerberg is able to collect information about people who aren't even users of his site. These are precedents which hurt our ability to freely connect with each other. He has created a network that is first and foremost a gold mine for government surveillance and advertisers.

...you can encourage people not to connect with Zuckerberg while thinking that they are connecting with you, by putting this button on your blog or web site, with a link to whatever method you would prefer they use to contact you directly...

I added it to my FAQ page, ha ha. As always you can "connect" with me via email and snail mail.