"H.M.M.J. 2 (Coda Only)"

"H.M.M.J. 2 (Coda Only)" [mp3 removed]

More from my collaboration last year with Travis Hallenbeck: he came to my studio and we played a "live MIDI" set. This is the end of a longer section I am working on. This does something sort of Debussy-ish at about :23 that I really like.

As explained last May:

A desktop computer plays MIDI files that we prepared in advance. One channel goes out to my gear: the Sidstation synth and Mutator analog filter. All the rest of the channels go to Travis's setup, which includes a midi mixer and Roland MT-32 sound module (see YouTube demo and this diagram).

So it is a live performance in the sense that the computer is dispensing a stream of MIDI on-off notes and we are changing settings on our gear in real time.

I was recording the performance, and did some minor post-production mixing, mostly for EQ and levels.

Travis' part got some heavier reverb this time around.