you don't know what you've got till...


Photos of cathode ray TVs signing off that have been floating around; maxlabor made a GIF composite and I stripped it.

A few years ago I bought a 13" Toshiba analog TV on clearance to use for showing GIFs burned to DVD. It has a really beautiful clear picture and strong colors. The input jack is wearing out now; I embarrassed myself in a recent studio visit wiggling the RCA plug to keep the image onscreen. (Later I learned that if I duct tape the cord to the floor it will keep the jack aligned.) This got me thinking that I would really like to keep working with these screens, just for the aesthetics of them. Just one or two--not interested in collecting them. But finding good ones basically means trolling ebay and Craigslist. [Insert rant about capitalism, planned obsolescence, waste, and thwarted consumer desire.]