"Blood Music (After Speedy J)"

"Blood Music (After Speedy J)" [mp3 removed]

Ambient-style work. The main sounds (e.g., the weird persistent sonar ping and later jackhammer pulse) come from a Reaktor abstract sound generator called Metaphysical Function--two patches designed by techno musician Speedy J. That very harsh digital audio is then made analog by running it through four of the Vermona Perfourmer's lowpass filters simultaneously--all with slow-ish LFO sweeps, two centered and two "hard panned" left and right so there is an autopanner effect. Lastly, that sound is further softened and smeared in a convolution reverb--a sound imprint of skyscraper stairwell echoes morphed onto the audio. Will probably not make anything this Eno-esque again, but it has an eerie mood.