"Rotor 34 - HyperMolecules" collaboration with Duncan Alexander

Our collaborative page is here. Molecules with a "vintage" look--resembling stop-motion puppet animation--form and reform at high speed, in never-repeating combinations.

Below is an animated GIF I made, capturing just a fragment of the action:


Internet Explorer reads the page wrong (of course) but it's not so bad--the growth of the molecules is all vertical (see screenshot of a single frozen moment), resulting in an, er, erectionpalooza.

The spheres and struts are bitmap drawings that I use for collage and installation work (and some animation). Alexander talks a little on his blog about how he is animating these components on the HyperMolecules page ("I wrote a simple javascript loop that would assemble and reassemble them like self-constructing molecules"). The way the shapes are assembled is very familiar to me from countless hours of doing this manually.