"Data for Trinkets"

"Data for Trinkets" [mp3 removed]

Am finally starting to write my own patches for the Sidstation synth, a piece of gear based on the Commodore PC sound chip from the '80s. The rhythm is an analog kick coming into the Sid's external audio port, treated by a filter with two or three LFOs working on it, pulling it slightly in and out of tune (and step). The main melody is three oscillators tuned to make a chord, also with filtering and LFOs (I don't remember if the latter are working independently or on all three OSCs--in any case they are synced to the beat and not individual notes, producing a kind of wonky warble on sustained notes). The percussion is also all Sid--one factory patch and two of mine. Very noisy background, that's what one of the "charms" of the chip, as the manufacturers say.