"AIEEE! 1394"

"AIEEE! 1394" [mp3 removed -- a revised version has been posted on Bandcamp]

Scary song about a bus interface.
Digital modular, analogue modular, a breakbeat and some added percussion.
(Windows 7 is very proud of having rewritten the FireWire driver but on several forums I see people with FW audio recommending that you switch back to the "legacy" driver. I was having problems with sound "hanging" while clicking things onscreen and thought it might be a FireWire issue. Turns out it was my five-year old graphics card not being able to handle my current screen configuration* and causing audio dropouts while it processed changes in GUI activity--e.g., scrolling a large web page that has an active YouTube playing on it. The solution, I think, is to reduce the size of the active window, say to 1024 pixels wide--that seems to have stopped the dropouts. Probably will continue to use the IEEE "legacy" driver, as well; that might have helped a little.)

*I switched to a larger LCD screen around the time I got W7 and it may be the graphics card can't handle the increased resolution, but also, possibly, can't cope with "improved" Windows performance. If Windows was smarter it would default to a "safe" resolution commensurate with your card and you wouldn't have to find this out the hard way. Not that I necessarily want my computer to be smarter--attempts to do that seem to have unintended consequences. (Apple users, go ahead, laugh at all this, but indentured servitude in colonial times was also "idiot proof.")