"Quadruple Carbon"

"Quadruple Carbon" [mp3 removed]

Am interested in analog gear mostly for sampling fodder. Sounds that can't be made digitally (due to the inherent unpredictability of voltages) that are ultimately captured digitally and used as seasoning for a stew of 1s and 0s.
Some of the gritty quasi-vocal sounds in the background here are made with a random analog patch that was sampled, sliced up and EQd. (The LFO signal "out" to the VCA control voltage "in" seemed to be the catalyst for these bizarre noises but I doubt I can repeat them.) The bouncy FM-ed bass note is also analog and gives some punch and randomness that a digital drum synth might not have, or maybe that's just an article of faith with me. Most of the "lead" synth tunes (heard under the pianos) were made with the Reaktor Carbon softsynth.

The "latin" electric pianos give this piece some structure but they do drown out some of the electronic subtleties, which is why I am posting the backing track separately.