same GIF with lens flare by Michael Manning

Manning also wrote a book (well, it's actually a blog post that hasn't been written yet, but it would be a great book, as envisioned here):


This was inspired by a rant about all the "glitch" scene artists swapping ideas and recipes on Facebook instead of actively jamming the control system (a la the hacker spirit of yesteryear), thereby restoring individuality and freedom to 700,000,000 Borg units. That's my spin--no idea what Manning will actually write.

"Electro Suite No. 1"

"Electro Suite No. 1" [mp3 removed]

One of my occasional soundscape-type pieces. Instead of MIDI clock this is LFO-driven: the LFO wave triggers a kick drum sound that gets faster and faster until it's just a solid wall o'kicks. Various digital reverb and delay effects add some "atmo."