formerly reblogged

Am sure it's all an accident and will be rectified soon, but I keep discovering posts on where my name has vanished. You'd almost think they were mad at me (!) but it has to do with reblog credits and commentary dropping off after the last rewrite. Maybe someone could note this on the Staff Blog.
Here is just one example of an "authorship mishap"; this is a post you can find currently on the site (click screenshot for link):


And here's what the post looked like when it first appeared five years ago (screenshot of saved HTML page):


For an organization dedicated to keeping art online, I know my friends at Rhizome will want to fix this. Otherwise I may have to submit the unexpurgated posts to 0DayArt for consideration.

Update: here is the formerly reblogged post.

Update 2: Rhizome has fixed the above post.

Update 3: Have checked a few old reblogged posts and the credits have been mostly restored, barring the usual link rot from the source posts. Am still investigating.