"Monotone Waltz"

"Monotone Waltz" [mp3 removed]

This isn't all monotone and it's too short to be monotonous but two of the main instruments stick pretty much to a single note throughout. This is another piece where a live-synthesis "jam" is cut up and made into loops, so it's mostly about the editing. And it is in waltz time.

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what killed blogs: URL shorteners

dreamed i had a huge loft full of thrift store furniture and landlord started booking weekend parties in it without my knowledge

when criticism veers into biographical speculation it's less savory but can help to explain the canon (and/or bad art)

the NY art scene has more of everything and therefore more political art, end of story (not that we need more of it)

grad student hatches (feeble) scheme to shut down online arts org., applies for commission from same org., receives commission

a woman who shoved people on the airport bus kept yelling "this is america"