Two from TM-ucce - a genuinely strange, free-wheelingly imaginative blog from Mike Francis, who posts as foot on His morphing, blobby, vector-like characters remind me somewhat of Paper Rad's Flash videos, but there's also a desultory found object sensibility more in tune with the barely-sequitur image pairs and trios he posts on dump. The lettuce-meme-as-spinning-corporate-logo in the top image, for example.

Related is a video of Francis', "Snail News" [YouTube], which features a newsstand exploding in slow motion, catapulting a snail through the roof in a manner not quite in harmony with the laws of physics or perspective, while a severely timestretched torch song plays on the soundtrack. Before I put twitter on likely permanent pause was working out a theory of the "failed grey 3D object" as a current trope--will get back to that eventually.