"Amber States"

"Amber States" [mp3 removed]

Three .wav files were independently run through the Reaktor GrainStates effect plugin...

(update: where considerable time was spent setting parameters to find the best "clouds" of sounds from each file then creating sequences where these clouds could be "played" in a set order)*

...then layered together with some minor tweaks and additions such as reverb. Academic electronic music meets modern jazz - it's almost a parody of "free" style composition. (The ending, where it sounds like an orchestra tuning, is a GrainStates-ized Lazerbass solo, for the record.)

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*update: parenthetical added because "run through the Reaktor GrainStates effect plugin" makes the process sound much more passive than it was. the machine does a lot of the work but the ear has to decide what's worth capturing