crash chair flip


full-sized version

originally a GIF posted to of a chair for auto crash test dummies.
The chair appears to launch the dummy and then recoils.
All the frames with the dummy were removed, then the keyframe right before the recoil was removed, leaving a fading mass of unidentified machinery. The GIF was then flipped and paired with the original to make the arrangement above.

change from within

Middle Eastern affairs blogger Juan Cole has a litany of complaints against Facebook but still feels he needs to be part of it. He tells a commenter:

I don’t think the right response is to refuse to take advantage of something that connects 600 million people. It is to pressure corporations when they do the wrong thing.

As for "taking advantage" of Facebook, there has been no noticeable change in Prof. Cole's blogging pre- and post-joining. The 600 million figure (wasn't it 500 million a month or two ago?) comes straight from the company's PR department.