Sensitive New Age Billionaires' Guide to Life

Barry Ritholtz is a straight-shooting financial blogger but he occasionally posts a stinker.
Below is a list of success tips from billionaires that he got from Barbara Walters (!)

To be a success, say these ultra-rich:
1. Figure out what you’re so passionate about that you’d be happy doing it for 10 years, even if you never made any money from it. That’s what you should be doing. (And if you like attending sports events with politicians, you may see results sooner than you think!)
2. Always be true to yourself. (If you are a greedy heel, that's just who you are.)
3. Figure out what your values are and live by them, in business and in life. (Is this getting redundant?)
4. Rather than focus on work-life separation, focus on work-life integration. (That jewel-encrusted toilet isn't only functional, it impresses clients!)
5. Don’t network. Focus on building real relationships and friendships where the relationship itself is its own reward, instead of trying to get something out of the relationship to benefit your business or yourself. (But if you have to shiv a colleague, never look back.)
6. Remember to maximize for happiness, not money or status. (And if money and status make you happy, that's OK too.)
7. Get ready for rejection. (But enjoy that golden parachute.)
8. Success unshared is failure. Give back — share your wealth. (Really.)
9. (A secret so powerful, we simply cannot tell you) (Hint: it rhymes with "stolen patents")
10. Successful people do all the things unsuccessful people don’t want to do. (Clean out grease traps, empty bedpans...)