Frank Luntz struggles with political climate change

Frank Luntz, the Republican Goebbels who encourages such phrases as "death tax" instead of "estate tax," "ANWR" for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (when talking about oil drilling), and most insidious, one you've probably used, the inevitable sounding "climate change" instead of "global warming," has a crop of new phrases designed to keep a lid on public anger at the current state of things:

1. Instead of capitalism, use "economic freedom" or "free market." Hey, what about "free enterprise"? We aren't supposed to use "entrepeneur" now, though, the term is "job creator." Luntz is funny.

2. Don't say that the government "taxes the rich," Luntz says. He prefers "takes from the rich." Right, same thing, people love hearing about it.

3. Instead of "middle class," Luntz prefers "hardworking taxpayers," presumably to distinguish them from lazy good-for-nothing taxpayers.

4. Instead of "jobs," use "careers." But don't you need one to have the other?

5. Don't say "government spending." Call it "waste." An oldie!

6. Republicans shouldn't say they "compromise"--call it "cooperation." ("If you talk about 'compromise,' they'll say you're selling out," Luntz says. Which you are.)

7. The three most important words you can say to an Occupier, Luntz says, are "I get it." That's especially convincing when accompanied by a billy club to the spleen.

There are more (click through to Yahoo story), equally lame. The man is losing command of his dark art.

Update: People don't really object to capitalism so much as "crony capitalism" and "corporate welfare." Luntzian terms for those might be, respectively, "good neighbor policy" and "bleeding the beast."