"My Robot Can Eat Your Robot"

"My Robot Can Eat Your Robot" [mp3 removed]

Have been keeping scrupulous notes on how pieces were made, mostly for my reference in case I wanted to come back to something. This has a tendency to demystify the work, which isn't always desirable. #krypt

"Spaceport Lounge Demo"

"Spaceport Lounge Demo" [mp3 removed]

Was liking the middle section of "Electro Suite No. 2" with the jazz-like bass and synth combo so did this tune in 3/4, with piano and drums added. It ended up being shorter than I'd intended but I decided I liked the start and stop quality of introducing each of the 4 or 5 riffs and just moving on to the next one. So it's "postmodern."

The Bird II dot jpg


From my CCDS page. The source is a nascent/wannabe/lesser-known meme called "the bird" or "bird.jpg" Sterling Crispin did the first painted version.

This bird image has some internet juice, mostly as an avatar. Dump.fm and Moot's former site have helped.
The bird is a Common Grackle; related to the Great-Tailed Grackle, which has a hideous call [YouTube] that sounds like the word "grackle" but with extra consonants, whistles, and sounds beyond the range of human hearing.

Hat tips GucciSoFlosy, carjackcker, frederick, melipone, maryrachel, maxlabor, arjununcle and others.