"Glass Ceiling, Parts 1-4"

"Glass Ceiling, Parts 1-4" [mp3 removed]

The (slim) gag title will become obvious upon hearing.
The arpeggios are generated by a Reaktor MIDI sequencer called Spiral--a fancy interface where the notes spin in a spiral--I guess designed for drug use while composing. Except for some transposing at the very end, this is just switching the arps between major and minor keys.
I added all the beats, note for note, mano a mano, etc.

half-torso lady: comment of the day (made last year)

By radii, November 24th, 2010, about the TV show Walking Dead:

Starsky & Hutch + zombies does not make good television … this show is terrible … the only good thing in it was the half-torso lady crawling around in hunger – this extra has been the best actor on the show so far

This is not to slight Eileen Jones' review--she's great in her bile-dispensing way, as usual.

Telefone Sem Fio (7) - lecture notes

My notes for last night's talk at EFA are just the "slide show" portion, meant to be supplemented via live, human, mostly unscripted (but not unprepared) speech. Thanks to folks who came, asked questions, and hung out. The topic, broadly, was the poetics or avant garde roots of internet mash-ups and image combos, traced from early 20th Century experiments in mixing media, through the 1950s concrete poetry movement, to the present, ending with a step by step explanation of how this Augusto de Campos remix was done (the GIF version of my piece in the de Campos-inspired exhibit that was the impetus for the talk).