10,000 Pixels exhibit

Some artwork of mine is on on view this month in an Art Micro-Patronage exhibit titled "10,000 Pixels," curated by Jeff Thompson. Each participant was given a 10,000 pixel allotment to make three images, to be apportioned among the three as the artist chose.

I'll be doing an artist talk via Ustream on Jan 12 at 7 pm eastern in connection with the show where you can question/comment via the Twitter -- more on that as the date approaches.

The way AMP works is viewers can make small donations (or not) as they navigate through the site. If you click on the "i" symbol at the bottom of each page a popup appears with info about the objet d'art (arranged in tiled, YTMND style--you can also click in the page to see an enlarged view of the pixel art).

Other artists in the show are: Travess Smalley, Ben Vickers, Alexander Peverett, Laura Brothers, Matt Cella, and Angelo Plessas.

More about AMP from Kyle Chayka.