Unanswered Questions from Art Micro-Patronage Talk

Sorry if you asked a question during my streaming talk tonight on the Art Micropatronage website and I ignored you. I only saw a handful of questions that came in. The AMP folks believe it's because "twitter doesn't show tweets when the hashtag is the same as the username" so if you had @AMPatronage and #AMPatronage in the same tweet nothing showed up in the #AMPatronage search results I was refreshing. Bummer.

Below are questions and comments that came in, many of which I didn't see. I will answer, uh, some of them in an upcoming post.

what about 4D?

Tom do you see yourself in glass popcorn? do you have a little glass in you?

tom talk about dump.fm

U draw very similar blob like shapes on CCDS can u talk about these shapes

would u be happie or sad if glasspopcorn made a song called "Im Tom Moody"

"immediate medium" my new band name

*how well can pixel art be translated into 'real life' art objects? what changes when its removed from its original medium?

Can u talk about dump as a place where art blossoms amongst filth

**Do you play games?

**Do u think ur work really has that much in common with 8 bit sprites?

you gat Skype?

Talk about glasspopcorn please Im lonely

wut about web video

Wanna video chat?

Is pixel art the new minimalism?

How Do U feel about "Glass Popcorn" this question is optional.

Who is the best dumper?

Hi Tom moody what is ur favorite hip hop song u heard in 2011?

*Can you expand on your 1st reason a little bit? What do you mean access the medium on its most basic?

*Can you talk about the altar format of your piece and how you view the altar format in general ?

MSPaint 4evar

*Answered (or at least addressed) during the talk.
**Discussed without seeing the question.

Update: A few shouts were omitted from the above list--I saw them, thanks for the kind words.