commodify this

A recent Facebook thread on Jennifer Chan's net art commodification essay mentioned a post I did.

Warm regards to the folks who put in a good word or otherwise defended my absent self.

Three points (slurs) should be answered:

1. Bemoaning a 45 page article on internet art commodification is not "resisting commodification." I sell artwork, including video and "net-based work." Possibly I don't do it loudly or ironically enough.

2. If preferring the early blogosphere (a brief, diffuse happy accident) to the current corporate silos is clinging to a digital utopia, then guilty. Otherwise my artist statement of the last 12 years conveys more or less the opposite. My understanding from a talk Olia Lialina gave was that she, too, thought the "old web" was stupid; just stupid in a different way. I love how certain millennials think they have a lock on cynicism.

3. For the last six months, I haven't "debated" anyone over 26, we're told, and that's bad. The staff of certain art & technology websites will be very flattered to hear they don't look a day over that age.

Now awaiting the emails giving me friendly advice not to "lash out" at my detractors "like a wounded animal."