if your pad is broken you get an incomplete

Via Paddy Johnson's blog we see certain art schools are drinking the Apple Koolaid and giving their students pads "pre-equipped with a number of applications for use in their art and design classes."

Just thinking back to my prehistoric art training. We learned how to make stretchers - Fredrix snap-together stretcher bars were acceptable. Preparing canvas - acrylic one-application gesso was OK, no need to mix glue sizing or prime. Premixed paint and varnishes - check. After a year or two you could imitate reality just using your eye and wrists. The resulting image could sit in a closet until the present day, then be scanned using an Epson scanner, rendered to JPEG, posted to the web and it would have a slightly different flavor than an image produced entirely in the software realm, moving your finger around on a piece of glass and picking menu items on your pre-equipped tablet.

Nevertheless, if I were teaching this class I would be fired for encouraging the students to retro-engineer all the Apple programs and move them over to Linux boxes where they could be customized to express each student's individuality.